Get clearer skin in a few weeks with Zineryt, an effective acne treatment. Zineryt is a solution containing an antibiotic that you apply to your skin twice a day.

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What is Zineryt and what is it used for?

Zineryt is a solution that is used on the skin for the treatment of acne. Zineryt comes as a separate liquid and powder, which you need to mix together before using it. This activates the antibiotic erythromycin, so you can use it on your skin. You can apply Zineryt solution onto the skin on your face, back or chest. This will help clear up any spots, blackheads and whiteheads caused by acne.

How Zineryt works

Zineryt works by killing off any bacteria on your skin that may be causing acne. The antibiotic in Zineryt, erythromycin, is a macrolide that stops bacteria from making proteins, so they cannot grow and eventually die out.

The zinc in Zineryt helps erythromycin get into your skin so it can work to reduce blackheads, whiteheads, spots and pimples.

How to use Zineryt

Preparing your Zineryt solution

Before you use Zineryt, you need to mix it up by following a few easy steps:

  1. Add the liquid from 1 bottle to the other bottle with powder in it.
  2. Put the cap on and shake the bottle for 60 seconds.
  3. Take the cap off and put the applicator pad on top until it clicks in place. Keep the cap to cover the applicator pad when you are not using Zineryt.
  4. Write the date you mixed it on the bottle with a pen. In 8 weeks you’ll need to mix a new Zineryt pack.
  5. Now your Zineryt solution is ready to use.

Using Zineryt

When you want to use Zineryt, check the date on the bottle has not gone past 8 weeks since it was prepared. If it’s in date, then you need to:

  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild soap or cleanser, then pat your face dry.
  2. Take the cap off your Zineryt bottle and touch the applicator pad gently onto your face, chest or back where the acne is. If you get any Zineryt in your eye, wash it out with warm water straight away.
  3. Glide the Zineryt applicator pad over the affected area to release the liquid onto your skin. You can press the pad a little harder against your skin to get more liquid out, but do not squeeze the bottle.
  4. If you put too much Zineryt on, get a tissue and pat it on your skin to remove any extra liquid.
  5. Wait a few minutes for the Zineryt to dry on your skin before you put on any makeup or moisturiser.

You need to use Zineryt twice a day to see results, and it can take 10 to 12 weeks for your acne to completely clear.

Medically reviewed by:
Dr Kathryn Basford

Dr Kathryn Basford is a qualified GP who works as a GP in London, as well as with ZAVA. She graduated from the University of Manchester and completed her GP training through Whipps Cross Hospital in London.

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Last reviewed: 13 Oct 2021

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