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Capillary blood collection test kit box for HIV testing
Capillary blood collection test kit props for HIV testing
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Frequently asked questions

What happens when white blood cell count is high?

During an HIV infection, the number of one type of white blood cells (leukocytes) can fall. This is known as leukopenia and people with an HIV infection usually have regular blood tests to monitor white blood cell count.

A high white cell count normally means your body is fighting off an infection. During an HIV infection being told you have a high count can mean it’s not being lowered by the infection, which can mean that treatment is working.

How to test hiv at home naturally?

There is no way to naturally test for HIV at home. HIV tests need to be done properly for them to be accurate, which means a proper test kit needs to be used for home HIV testing.

Can full blood count detect HIV?

No, a full blood count doesn’t accurately show whether you have an HIV infection or not. Full blood count tests are used once someone knows they have an HIV infection to keep track of the impact the infection is having on their health.

Can HIV be cured within 72 hours of infection?

Yes, although it’s not technically ‘curing’ the infection. If post-exposure prophylaxis is taken 72 hours after being exposed to HIV, it can reduce the chance of an HIV infection developing by stopping the virus from multiplying.

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