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Traveller's diarrhoea

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Symptoms of travellers’ diarrhoea

Mild travellers’ diarrhoea

Most cases of travellers’ diarrhoea are very mild and will go away on their own after 3 or 4 days. Some cases are worse and may last longer. Symptoms of mild travellers’ diarrhoea include having 3 or more loose or watery poos in 24 hours.

If you do not get diarrhoea symptoms often and it does not affect your day to day activities, then it is probably a mild case of travellers’ diarrhoea. Diarrhoea takes water out of your body, and you can get dehydrated quickly. If you have mild diarrhoea, you should drink plenty of fluids during the day. You should try not to drink alcohol if you have diarrhoea, as this can make you more dehydrated.

Severe travellers’ diarrhoea

You might have severe travellers’ diarrhoea if you:

  • have 6 or more loose or watery poos in 24 hours
  • cannot continue with normal day to day things
  • have bad pains in your stomach
  • are being sick
  • have blood or slime in your poo

You need to see a doctor or go to a hospital if you have any of these symptoms.

Medically reviewed by:
Dr Kathryn Basford

Dr Kathryn Basford is a qualified GP who works as a GP in London, as well as with ZAVA. She graduated from the University of Manchester and completed her GP training through Whipps Cross Hospital in London.

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Article created: 01 Sep 2021

Last reviewed: 01 Sep 2021

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