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Capillary blood collection test kit box for thyroid function testing
Thyroid Test Kit
Thyroid Function Test

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Frequently asked questions

What are the symptoms of thyroid problems in women?

In addition to the normal symptoms of thyroid problems listed in the ‘What are the symptoms of thyroid problems?’ section, women often find that their menstrual cycles can be disrupted and you may even find that your periods stop for a few months (this is also known as amenorrhea).

Periods can stop for a number of reasons, including menopause.

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What happens if an underactive thyroid is not treated?

If you have long-term, untreated low thyroid function, you run the risk of:

  • heart disease
  • goitres (lumps in your neck)
  • very rarely, a myxoedema coma (extreme drowsiness, hypothermia and confusion)
  • pregnancy complications, including anaemia, pre-eclampsia, birth defects, premature births and stillbirths

How do you know if your thyroid is high or low?

Your symptoms may give some idea of whether you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, but the only accurate way to find out if you have a problem is by taking a test.

What foods should be avoided with thyroid problems?

The British Thyroid Foundation says that there are no foods or dietary supplements that are helpful in treating thyroid disorders. However, they recommend eating healthily:

  • five portions of fruit or vegetables every day
  • plenty of fibre
  • dairy or dairy alternatives
  • small amounts of oils and spreads

How to lose weight with an underactive thyroid?

If you have an underactive thyroid it can be difficult to lose weight. However, it helps to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Ask your GP or online doctor for advice. Do not increase the dosage of your medication to try and lose weight as this can cause serious health problems.

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Where to get a thyroid test?

You can get a thyroid test at your regular GP surgery, over-the-counter at a pharmacy or online through services like Asda Online Doctor.

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