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Our service allows you to get your vitamin D levels checked and order vitamin D supplements online, so you can get back to feeling yourself.

You can find more about vitamin D supplements and the common symptoms of low vitamin D levels below.

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How to tell if you have low vitamin D

The only way to tell for sure if you have low vitamin D is with a blood test. A blood test can measure the amount of vitamin D in your blood, which can help to determine whether you are deficient (very low), insufficient (low), or sufficient (normal). Vitamin D is measured in the blood in nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml).

For those with sufficient vitamin D levels, your blood levels should contain over 30ng/ml of vitamin D. Insufficient is around 21 to 29ng/ml and deficient is less than 20ng/ml.

The most common symptoms of low vitamin D are:

  • tiredness
  • aches and pains
  • muscle weakness
  • pain in the bones
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Article created: 31 Aug 2021

Last reviewed: 31 Aug 2021

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