Use nitrofurantoin 100mg to treat your urinary tract infection in 3 days. Nitrofurantoin is an effective antibiotic you can request from Asda Online Doctor.

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Frequently asked questions

What is nitrofurantoin 100mg used for?

Nitrofurantoin 100mg is used for treating bladder infections, such as cystitis. It can also be used to prevent cystitis if you get it often or before surgery. Nitrofurantoin antibiotics work well for UTIs but aren’t used for other infections.

How long does nitrofurantoin 100mg take to work?

It takes a few days for nitrofurantoin to work properly.

What is the best time of day to take nitrofurantoin?

You can take nitrofurantoin at any time of day, but you must take it with food. Nitrofurantoin 100mg capsules are taken twice a day, so you might want to take it in the morning with breakfast and then again in the evening with dinner. Leave around 12 hours between doses.

Does nitrofurantoin make you tired?

Tiredness is not a listed side effect of nitrofurantoin but having a bladder infection may make you tired, or tiredness could be caused by other side effects. If you keep feeling tired while taking nitrofurantoin, report this to your doctor.

Can I drink alcohol on nitrofurantoin?

Alcohol doesn’t interact with nitrofurantoin but it's best to avoid drinking it until you’ve finished your treatment. Alcohol may make your cystitis symptoms worse, as it can make you need to urinate more frequently.

Can I take painkillers with nitrofurantoin?

You can take over-the-counter painkillers with nitrofurantoin, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. For any prescription painkillers check with your doctor first.

Can you take nitrofurantoin on an empty stomach?

No, it’s not recommended to take nitrofurantoin on an empty stomach, as this can upset your stomach. Eating food with nitrofurantoin can also improve how well the medication absorbs.

Can I buy nitrofurantoin over-the-counter?

No, nitrofurantoin is a prescription-only medication, so it cannot be bought over the counter. There are several over-the-counter cystitis remedies, but these are for reducing side effects rather than for treating the infection.

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