Estradot 50 Patches / Utrogestan Capsules

Use Estradot patches and Utrogestan capsules in combination to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

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What are Estradot patches used for?

Estradot patches are applied directly onto the skin. The patches contain oestrogen, which is a female hormone.

Estradot patches work by providing oestrogen to women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause. As you go through menopause, your oestrogen levels begin to stop naturally. This can cause symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats. Estradot patches can replace the oestrogen lost and relieve these symptoms. The patches are usually used alongside Utrogestan capsules. Utrogestan capsules contain progesterone, which is important to protect the lining of the womb. You can also use Estradot patches on their own if you do not have a womb, and therefore do not need progesterone.

If you are at risk of getting osteoporosis, which is a condition where your bones become fragile, you may be prescribed Estradot to prevent this.

What are Utrogestan capsules used for?

Utrogestan capsules are used in combination with Estradot patches. They contain progesterone, which is another female hormone. Progesterone protects the lining of the womb from changes that can happen from using oestrogen.

How to use Estradot 50 patches and Utrogestan capsules

Depending on when you last had a period, or if you have already been using HRT, the Utrogestan capsules are used differently.

For women who have menopause symptoms but have had a period in the last 12 months, Utrogestan is only taken for part of the month. Using a progesterone for only part of the month is called sequential HRT.

For women who have not had a period for at least 12 months, or who have already been using sequential HRT for more than 12 months, Utrogestan is used every day without a break. This is called continuous HRT.

For both sequential HRT and continuous HRT, the Estradot patches are used throughout the month.

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Article created: 28 Sep 2021

Last reviewed: 28 Sep 2021

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